Enter a value to any field - the others are calculated themselves. If you change a value in any field, the others are automatically recalculated.
For decimals you can enter either points or commas
as decimal marks (but only one decimal point in a value).

f =
k =
λ =
λ/2 =
λ/4 =
λ 5/8 =
to 6 digits

If appears an error NaN, check whether you enter to the field
a correct value, ie. without any letters and other characters.

Reduction factor

For calculation of symmetry loops and stubs from the coaxial cable, it is necessary to take into account the shortening factor k. For coaxial cable with foam dielectric is k = 0.81 and for polyethylene dielectric cable is k = 0.66.
The truncation factor must not be zero.
If you do not understand the antenna technique, keep the reduction factor 1 at all times.


λ = 300 / f [m]
f = 300 / λ [MHz]
Wavelength formula

λ … length of one wave

T … time

Comprimento de onda e frequência

For more information on how to calculate the wavelength and frequency, see Wikipedia encyclopedia under the appropriate terms (see links below).

Calculator wavelength online